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Mode: Beginner [Eagle]

When you’ve been driving a car for a few years, it’s difficult to remember how difficult it was at first. All those pedals, the indicators, the gear shift and to top it all you’ve got to steer the car and not hit anything else whilst doing so! Trying to teach someone to drive is quite a skill. What is obvious to you is most certainly not obvious to a beginner. […]

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I’m back! (for good)

It feels longer than the 3 weeks since I’ve had the eye operation to reattach the retina in my left eye; time drags when you’re not occupied doing something creative – and lying in bed for 10 days was not fun. I’m humbled by the numerous comments wishing me a speedy recovery. Thank you all, it was a real lift when I was feeling a bit down (i.e. sorry for […]

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“Put your life on hold for two weeks”

That was the advice of the ophthalmic surgeon once he had finished repairing the retinal tear in my left eye. In case anyone reading this didn’t catch my 5-minute YouTube video on what happened to my eye, and why I won’t be making any videos for the next few weeks, I’ve linked to it here. And a zillion thanks to everyone who commented on that video, sending me good wishes […]

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