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Workshop Construction Begins

The bad UK weather – with the Beast from the East Siberian weather front – stopped my workshop base construction in its tracks last week. Well, it was -5 degrees Celsius (23°F) and the builders figured it was not a good temperature in which to pour concrete! You can still see some of the snow behind the shuttering, after the snow melted a few days later. The workshop will be about […]

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RS485 Serial Comms

Picture of an RS485 module

My latest video shows how easy it is to set up a couple of RS485 modules connected with two wires and an Arduino µController at either end so you can communicate with an outbuilding, shed or workshop, without using radio waves. Even better is that you can connect several RS485 modules to the same two wires, so one for the shed and one for the barn, for example. Did I […]

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