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Eye, eye, Cap'n!

A quick update for anyone interested in my eye problems! You may remember from November 2018, that my left eye had surgery for a detached retina. Fast forward to November 2019 and my right eye has decided to join the party, albeit a bit more seriously. Older people (anyone 50+) and especially those with severe short-sightedness (-5.0 and lower) have a predilection to retinal tears and retinal detachment. As you […]

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The Arduino UNO is dead! Long live the Arduino UNO ‘Plus’!

Yes, I know I have used part of that title in another blog but this is following that theme: there is life in the old dog yet. No, not me, the Arduino Uno! The Arduino History – and missed opportunity Several years ago, ATMEL produced the 8-bit ATMega328P. Hooray! Arduino used that chip in its later, 2010 onwards, UNO boards (originally they used ATMega8 chips). It was nice step up. […]

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If all else fails, read the instructions!

As many of you will know from my YouTube channel, I’ve recently taken the challenge to design and create a PCB. It seemed the next logical step after stripboard and, as I was being sponsored by a couple of PCB fabs in China, it was as though fate has stepped in. My first attempt was dire. Although the resultant PCB worked (after two small corrections) it was typical of someone […]

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The Arduino UNO is dead – long live the ESP8266!

I recently decided to increase the number of my Arduino UNO sized boards (not original ones, clones) from a Chinese warehouse, any of them, I’m not fussed. Imagine my consternation when the board I wanted, a standard UNO format but with a micro USB socket rather than a full sized one were rarer than hen’s teeth. And quite expensive, relatively speaking. I can remember just a couple of years ago […]

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Right to Repair on the way?

I read an article on the BBC Website yesterday, called Right To Repair Gathers Force, which applies to the UK, Europe and the USA. It’s worth skimming it before continuing here, actually! That link opens in a new tab so you won’t lose your place here. In a nutshell, the common people are fed up with consumer items having a ridiculously short working life, coupled with a dearth of spare […]

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Barking Mad!

I had to swap the release order of my most recent videos, so the PCBWay video got released first otherwise the Xmas competition details would have been out of date before it got seen. This means my next video is all about dogs. Dogs that bark. In particular, our current dog, Dougle, for whom we are custodians, (yes, it really is spelt like that, courtesy of my daughter). He’s a […]

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