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Absence makes the Arduinite heart grow fonder (I hope)

I’ve recently released a “fairly long video” (even by my standards) about the Wemos D1 Mini and some shields, after an absence of about a month from YouTube whilst I decorated the entire house, pretty much, as the price of having a new workshop.

Guess what?

I’m on vacation for two weeks so that means no videos again for about a month, taking into account research, demo development, preparation time, videoing, post videoing editing…

grayscale portrait photo of shocked woman

She couldn’t believe the bad news

There’s still quite a bit I need to do for that holiday and that must take precedence or I’m in deep do-do with you-know-who.

Yes, I took a degree in Bad Planning and got a First Class with Honours! Shock! Horror!

I’m sorry about this, and I hope you don’t all desert me for good.

I’m back around mid-September at which point I will make every effort to get a quality video out as quickly as I can, and then it will be a clear run to Christmas with no further interruptions, speed bumps or setbacks. I hope. Best laid plans of mice and Ralph…

In the meantime, I wish you many happy hours exploring the delights of a misbehaving EPS8266 or a rogue ATmega328P that refuses to sleep… all the things that make our hobby such an absorbing, and ultimately rewarding, one.

VID_20180709_202125-ANIMATIONBenny is being looked after by a lovely lady called Tracy (she looked after him last year too) so we have less concern over his well being than we would otherwise, but we’ll miss him lots – and I won’t be able to bounce ideas off him as he looks at me with that “Have you really thought this through, Dad?” stare. But at least he has full access to the workshop computers so he should have finished a demo sketch or two by the time I return. Let’s hope he doesn’t learn how to operate the video cameras.

Please do still leave comments here (and in the videos) but although I will read them, you might not get an answer right away – if you do it might be rather brief as I struggle to compose it on a 6″ phone screen where my fat sausage fingers never seem to quite hit the right part of the (virtual) keyboard. Of course, I blame the autocorrection feature.

As Arnie famously said, “I’ll be beck” (well, that’s how I always heard it, and I have a mother with a fairly pronounced German accent, Ach du grüne Neune!)

See you all soon!



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  1. Dear Ralph,

    Hopefully, you and your family have enjoyed your holiday break. I just wanted to let you know that we used your excellent I2C LCD Big Numbers routine in a little project to be published in a free magazine. Full credit is given in the source for the originator and also a link to your YouTube Channel. Again thank-you for the obvious effort you put into these tutorials. Regards Mike.


    • You’re most welcome, Mike, and thanks for the link-back to my channel as I need more views! Just as an FYI, the big digits are still in use for Benny’s cat run temperature receiver (in its nice housing) and we use it (look at it) several times a day to see the outdoor temperature. Easy to read even across the room. I only mention this to show that not all my videos are about theory, but I’ve actually implemented some of them! Great to hear from you, appreciated.


  2. Dear Ralph,
    this weekend I found Your excellent Videos on YouTube. Really good work (and I think it is really hard work.)

    I have also a lot of experience with Arduino, ESP8266 programming. But I’m still using the Arduino IDE for that stuff. I use Eclipse only for Androoid programming. No I want to shift from Arduino IDE to Eclipse.I saw (in some of Your Vides) that you also use Eclipse.

    This would be a great Workshop-Video. Isn’t it 🙂
    To show the differences between the Arduino IDE and Eclipse and to show what has to be done, to use Eclise .

    What do You think?
    best regards


    • Hi Frank, that’s an interesting suggestion and you’re not the first to mention it. I’ve previously shied away from this as it was just too complicated to do. However, the more recent release does make it easier. I shall have to think about it after I’ve visited my Mutti (and brothers) in Stuttgart in a couple of weeks. No promises but it could be interesting…


      • Hi Ralph,
        thanks for your prompt answer. You are visiting Germany (my homecountry) and Stuttgart. That’s great. Don’t forget to try “Linsen mit Spätze und Saitenwürstchen”.
        I worked for a couple of years near Stuttgart. And I love it. Have fun.

        Best regards Frank


        • Ah yes, Linsen mit Spätzle und Saitenwürstchen I’ve had many times. Funnily enough, meine Mutti doesn’t like Spätzle very much (she’s from North Germany, originally) but I love them. Käsespätzle is a firm favourite of mine. Und jetzt habe ich einen riesen grossen Hunger fuer Spätzle! Tja, ich werde bald wieder da sein und dann kann ich richtig eingreifen! Liabr en Ranza vom Essa als en Buckl vom Schaffa. Ha Ha! Good to hear from you Frank, and I’ll keep thinking about that Eclipse walkthrough…


  3. hi

    watched your video explaining ADS1115. The signal smoothing software works perfect – a brilliant piece of software. I tried to modify software to monitor all 4 analog inputs but failed. would you consider to give me a piece of advice how to program all 4 inputs? I’m a refrigeration mechanic and idea of having 15bit resolution temperature or pressure measurement is very appealing (considering the price of components). so far measured temperature signal.
    transformed the 4-20mA signal into 0-4.096VDC and had great results.



  4. Enjoy your deserved break Ralph.


  5. Hi Ralph
    You are missed, but I’m sure I speak for all Arduinite’s when I say, have a great time and we look forward to your vid when ya fully rested and recharged.
    Just had an image pop into my head of you floating on an inflatable airbed in a pool somewhere…..It was a “LILO” made out of 4 “18650 cell’s” and a “PP3” for the headrest.

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  6. I can see by Benny’s obsessive ablutions that he hasn’t received the news of this vacation without concerns.Will Tracy also be posting videos in your absence? Enjoy your vacation, Ralph, as has been noted, you have earned it by running the best YouTube channel AND you did weeks of decorating. A Vacation? You deserve beatification!

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    • Apart from the fact that beatification is only bestowed on dead people, I appreciate the sentiment! And if you knew Tracy, fantastic cat-sitter that she is, I’m hoping she doesn’t post anything in my absence or else it would be Benny that is the star! Even more than he already is, of course.


  7. Have a great vacation, I really appreciate your videos..

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  8. We will wait for you, As arduinites, we are patients and also “stubburn” in a way, Have fun an pleasant vacation.


  9. Enjoy your well deserved break. See you on your return.

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