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New Products – for Benny too, perhaps

So I’m just about to create a video for this inexpensive, small-but-effective audio module that can be used with any µController, when it struck me that I could, perhaps, be of some help to my daughter who is trying to run a UK-based e-Shop selling cat and dog treats, clothes and other nice items that she’s sourced, most of which are not found in your local supermarket.


Well, I have a small YouTube (and even smaller blog) audience who, in all likelihood, may also have a cat or dog and may well want to treat their 4-legged family member to something a bit special – so why not use my audience base to boost traffic to her website? There’s no conflict of interest in our respective products (not unless she suddenly starts buying cheap, Chinese, Arduino-controlled dog locators, anyway). I get no commision or other payment (it’s family, after all) but it might just help her pay the bills.

So I’ve created a small advert for her website that I might embed into my future YouTube videos (YouTube are OK with this, as long as I tell them I’m doing it).

Well, there was a mini-video here, but I’m now informed that she’s getting her website optimised and redesigned for mobiles and tablets. Sigh. All that work for nowt. Kids, hey, who’d have ’em?

Anyway, the short URL to the website (so I can count the clicks, and hence effectiveness) is in this link to www.wagnificentpetcare.co.uk/shop and that’s all there is to it.

Now I really must get back to creating that video for a cheap, Chinese audio module that costs less than a pound (or just over a pound if you include a tiny speaker) and which would easily find a place in my workshop and home automation. It can be triggered by many things (Arduino, RasPi, PIC, even a transistor) and it’s flexible in the way it delivers its payload.

Audio Module

Audio module being tested with both RasPi and Arduino Nano

Intrigued? So was I. Want more? Watch the next video on my channel!

(When it’s released I’ll put a direct link here)







8 replies

  1. Hi Ralph, Being a husband to a wife of 8 cats the idea of the cat treats is right up my Alley, I clicked your link (well I prodded it with my finger) and it had a white version of the blue screen of death or rather as I call it, the white screen causing a sharp intake of breath! Anyway can you let us know when it’s finalised and I’ll gladly get some of her fine produce for Bailey, Buttons, Bubbles, Dotty, Bitzy, Bertie, Patch and Cookie…….and the three strays who live in the 3 room cat house I built in the garden to shelter them for the rain as they can’t enter our rfid cat flap lol what good arduino ideas can you throw me that are cat connected? Glad u got some positivity from your change of circumstances in June too. Have a good day matey!


    • Hi Marty!
      Hmm, she did mention that she was getting her website revamped.

      Here’s the link that I know works:

      And I thought my wife was the crazy cat lady (but she only has one cat now), I can’t imagine 8 cats. How do they fit onto your bed at night?

      Regarding Arduino-related cat ideas, I had a IN/OUT indicator so I knew when our cat, Benny, was in the house or out in his run, but I never implemented it as I thought we might be moving house. Perhaps I need to dust that one off…

      Thanks for posting here, appreciated.


  2. Hi Ralph: I’ve been working with some wireless comms options a lot lately and wanted to suggest a couple of future items for your videos.

    1. HC-12 long range communications modules. These are REALLY easy to work with, have up to 1.8km range, are very inexpensive and you can program channel matching with AT commands. I think they’re a very attractive alternative to Bluetooth.

    2. Bluetooth LE for iOS – There’s a paucity of clear and CURRENT examples on the net on how to talk to your Arduino through Bluetooth LE via an iPhone app. Here’s a link to an an example I’ve provided for my students:


    Thanks again for your videos. They’re very instructive and enjoyable.

    Best wishes,
    Gord Payne, Newmarket, Ontario Canada


    ps. I’ve been working with a BBC micro:Bit using the Arduino IDE. Pretty great! With the edge-card connector, it’s an alternative to Arduino for some applications, with a few snags here and there.


  3. I visited your daughters website. I browsed the products. Nice website. I don”t have any animals currently but I have had cats and dogs in the past.

    Keep up the good work. i enjoy your videos.


  4. Unfortunately, my landlord is a pet-hating tyrant, so alas no four-legged friend here (a bloody shame because I really am very much a cat person.) Maybe sometime in the future when I am able to move to a more appropriate and animal friendly location……….

    I will certainly be interested in the audio module video when you post it.


    • Let’s hope your pet-hating tyrant of a landlord is not an ardent follower of all things Arduino and Raspberry Pi who subscribes to my channel! I couldn’t bear to think of you as homeless 🙂


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