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Workshop Progress Report – Part 1

My absence from my YouTube channel, answering my Arduinite followers’ questions, over the last few days is attributable to the fact that I’ve spent 12-hour days getting my new workshop in order – if a chaotic jumble of tools, leads, bolts, screws and computer equipment in any way defines “order”! Sincere apologies to everyone who has left a comment but has received no reply (yet) – business-as-usual will resume shortly.


Workshop build in progress

Here’s what my workshop looks like from the outside, whilst in a partially constructed state. It’s amazing how quickly it can be put together as the side walls come in a “flat pack” configuration and just get screwed together.

However, it’s the inside that really matter (a bit like a car, really) and that’s where I’m spending all my time at the moment.

Of course, I had to take photos of all the internal wiring so that I can remember in the coming months where not to put a screw through the wall. Admittedly, I do have one of those stud-pipe-electricity finder units but as the walls are 1/2″ oak-faced plywood it may not be able to detect things reliably.


Today and yesterday I moved the contents of my old workshop (part of our garage) into this new unit. That took a lot of work. Amazing how much you can accumulate over the years. “Time for a good clear-out, then”, suggested my wife, and I have to agree.

Later today I finally got to put some storage bins up for all my Arduino-related components. This will take some time, not least because the bins must be first numbered, and secondly all the components must be added to a spreadsheet before I store them so I can find them again!


But here you can get a taste of what some of the storage will look like, in this partially completed component bin unit, mounted on the wall. I just hope it does not gather too much dust, being open to the atmosphere like that. You can just make out on the right-hand side my existing storage (now also wall-mounted) which are drawers and which keep out dust and sawdust and what have you, but which have less room for bulky anti-static bags.

And so it continues. I believe I can see daylight at the end of the tunnel (or else it’s the light of an oncoming train) and tomorrow I hope to have all my computer equipment reconnected, ready to make further videos.

I’ll leave you with the view I have as I type this blog entry this evening – even though it’s been raining quite heavily, it’s a glorious view over my garden where we earlier had three squirrels squabbling over the peanut feeders!


Keep tuned for further updates and/or a new video in about a week’s time – all filmed from my new workshop.


13 replies

  1. FYI – your youtube video homepage is currently on the fritz (at least in US/Denver) – thought you’d want to know.
    DateTime is Monday Apr 2 1:50pm MST


  2. Go On Ralph !
    And please, don’t forgot Benny.

    Regards, Sjaak Leenders


    • Benny is intrigued as to what I am doing but is not allowed in whilst I have tools and loads of components precariously balanced. He will visit once it is complete, at least a further week! Thanks for the encouragement, too.


  3. Nice view Ralph, especially now that dreadful snow is gone.


  4. Well done you! If that is you in the coveralls, Benny takes a good photograph. BTW, I hope that Benny will be allowed full access to the workshop in the future. I fear you will lose many subscribers if he is excluded. I bet he has inspected the progress regularly, looking for the cat flap.

    We are all excited about this new development.

    Michael Keegan


  5. Nice job, Ralph! However, beware of the “Time for a good clear-out” bit: whenever I do that, a few days later I go looking for something that.. “went”…!! According to my wife, I’m a terrible keep-all man!
    The best of luck with the weather too!


  6. Will Benny be able to visit you when he’s outside in his run?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the only downside at the moment, Bruce. Although his run is only about 3 metres away from me, and I have a large window facing his run so we can wave to each other, he can’t actually get from his enclosure to my workshop. I don’t know whether I’ll construct a tunnel from his run to here as it could be a source of potential danger to him (sharp tools, hot soldering irons and the like) and I wouldn’t want him visiting without me being present. But we shall see what happens over the summer!

      It’s funny really. After all the hours and hours of work so far, the care I took in taking photos of every step of this workshop’s progress, I’m highly amused (and delighted) that the first question anyone asks is about Benny. Good one, Bruce, at least we do have our priorities right on this one. Benny sends his regards too.


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